Girls Fast Pitch

Name: Eric Lippert
Phone: 410-935-1352
Last update -    2/27/2019

Softball Registration starts January 1:
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Contact Kristine Hale if interested in registrating as few spots remain in each age group

Click HERE for a form you can mail-in with a check
Click HERE for a Manager/Coach form you can send in.
Tuesday March 26 - Team Drafts- you will hear from your coach after the draft
Saturday March 30 - Practice start- random schedule
Saturday April 6 - 5/6 softball starts
Friday April 26- Complex prep day- PLEASE COME AND LEND A HAND
Saturday April 27- Opening Day Celebration
May 25-27 - Memoral Day Weekend- no softball
Sunday June 2- 9/10 and 11/13 tournament starts
Saturday June 8 - Last day for 5/6 and 7/8 softball
Saturday June 15- All-Star Day
5/6 - Saturdays at 10am from early April to beginning of June
7/8- Tuesdays evenings and Saturday mid-day
9/10- Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings
11/13- Monday evenings and Friday evenings
14/18- Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings * participates in County Co-Op

To subscribe to our RAINED-OUT tex messaging system,  text the following key word to 84483 and you are subscribed:

For 5-6 Softball:  Text FH56SB to 84483
For 7-8 Softball:  Text FH78SB to 84483
For 9-10 Softball:  Text FH910SB to 84483
For 11-13 Softball:  Text FH1113SB to 84483
For 14-18 Softball:  Text FH1418SB to 84483



Softball Director Eric Lippert 410-935-1352
Assistant Director Kristine Hale 443-504-5330

5-6 Age Group Director

7-8 Age Group Director
9-10 Age Group Director
11-13 Age Group Director Matt Carrico
14-18 Age Group Director Kristine Hale 443-504-5330









7-8 Schedule
11-13 Schedule
14-18 Schedule
 7-8 Tournament
9-10 Tournament
11-13 Tournament
14-18 Tournament


Click here to download a program evaluation form. We can't fix what's wrong unless you tell us. 




We are also always looking for Concession Stand workers, Opening Day Volunteers, Field Maintenance help, and Parent Team Coordinators. Contact Eric Lippert, 410-935-1352, to let him know how you can help.
Lost and Found items are held at the Concession Stand. Currently, there is a whole container full of sunglasses, water bottles, gloves, chairs, shoes, jackets, clipboards, etc. If you are missing something, check there first. The stand is open during the season from Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 8:00 and also has some hours on Saturday during the season. Please remind your children/players to put their name on their equipment.
Softball Player Prayer

"Lord give me the strength to hit the ball,
and if I do don't let me fall.
Help me to pick the pitch that's right,
then let me knock it out of sight.
Then let me run with deer-like grace,
don't let me miss but tag first base
Then on to second, stay with me, Lord,
cause this one out, we can't afford.
Then let me zoom like a flying bird
Right down the line and on to third
Then let me slide with feet out-thrust
Across home plate in the swishing dust.
But first of all, Dear Lord, I pray
Just tell the coach to let me play."
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