Name: Nick Shreve
Phone: 443-567-0111



Men's Division

Forest Hill Men's Softball plays on Friday nights from early July through September.  We have a maximum of 9 teams in the league and we always have room for new players.

We are a social league with no umpires (we use a strike zone mat for balls and strikes) and we welcome players at all skill levels.

This is a wooden bat league.  Please read the 2018 League Rules below for more information on house rules that deviate from standard ASA play.

Registration opens February 1st and extends through May 31st.  League fees for 2018 will be $30.00 per person.  Team assignments begin April 1st.  Priority will be given to returning players for team assignments, however any player signing up after April 1st may find there is not room remaining on the team they prefer.

Online registration is now closed.  You must create a Blue Sombrero account and go into your account to see available programs.

Sign up to be notified via text if we get rained out:
text FHSOFTBALL to 84483 and you will be subscribed to the list.

 2018 League Rules  2018 Schedule
  Scores as of 9/17/18 2018 Substitute Player Form




(This page has been accessed count me times since 1/2/2018. We had 1038 hits in 2017, 1494 hits in 2016, 1372 hits in 2015, 1448 hits in 2014, 2670 hits in 2012 and 2013, 1189 hits in 2011, 1091 hits in 2010, 1228 hits in 2009, 1050 hits in 2008 and 1084 hits in 2007.)