Outdoor Field Usage

Name: Chris Benjes
Phone: 410-929-2365
E-mail: cbenjes@comcast.net

This page is dedicated to organizing and publishing field usage schedules for outdoor programs such as Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse and Soccer.  In order to efficiently utilize our outdoor facilities, and to keep the Harford County Parks and Rec apprised of our field usage, we have developed this space to advertise which fields are in use during the particular season. 

Updates to this schedule can be e-mailed to cbenjes@comcast.net.  Formats can be .pdf, .jpg, Word or Excel. 


Baseball/Softball Usage (Diamonds 1-12 at the Complex, FLES, FHES and Friends for April through June)


Baseball/Softball usage  (Diamonds 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) for August thru November


Diamond 4 Usage for March through July


Rec Soccer Usage Large Field

Rec Soccer Usage Small Field

Travel Soccer Usage


LAX Field usage