Background Checks

Name: Marty Strunkstein
Phone: 443-903-4197

POLICY / AGREEMENT for BACKGROUND CHECKS - Click here for details.

PURPOSE: To insure the safety of participants in Forest Hill Recreation Council programs.

Criminal background checks will be performed by Identity Solutions Group every year on all Officers and Board of Directors, Program Chairpersons, Instructors, Managers and Coaches.

The Authorization/Release form is available on the Forest Hill Recreation Council website and must be completed and submitted by:

Officers and Board Members: upon nomination for position.

Program Chairpersons: upon nomination for position

Instructors: prior to employment

Managers and Coaches: submitted with request to manage and/or coach if current status expires during the upcoming season.

All completed authorization/release forms will be handled by the President of the Forest Hill Recreation Council or appointee. All information will be kept confidential and used for the sole purpose of the Forest Hill Recreation Council. All authorization/release forms will be shredded upon receipt of results.

By Clicking on the link below, I agree to the above policies and will voluntarily submit my personal information for a background check for Forest Hill Recreation Council.

Questions can be sent to Marty Strunkstein,