How to Make a Forest Hill Baseball Travel Team


Persistence is more important than talent.


Respect the game as much as you want to be respected.


Tuck in your shirt. 


Don't wear your hat backwards.


Practice hard, because you play the way you practice.


It doesn't take any talent to hustle.


Help your team win whether you play or not.


Don't tell people what you are worth it, prove it to them.


Don't let anyone make an excuse for you.


Maintain eye contact with all adults when they talk to you.

Practice on your friends.


It is your coach's opinion of you that counts.

 He makes out the lineup.  Fail to understand this point and you will soon be out of the game.


Life is not fair. Regardless of what some people want you to think.


Be passionate about your teammates.  Love the game.


The only thing that coaches owe you is HONESTY.


Body language screams. It never whispers.


Balance makes champions.

If you focus on hitting and ignore the defensive part of your game

you will never be a complete player.


Be as diligent on defense as you are on offense.

Defense wins more games than offense.


Games are lost - not won. Mistakes lead to losses.


Work on your game every day of the year.

The guy who will beat you out for the starting job does.


Show off your talent to your current coach and your future coach by doing the following:


When you jog to warm up, finish first.

When you stretch, do it best.

When you play catch, throw to a target and hit it every time.

When you play catch, catch the ball or block the bad throw and keep it in front of you.

When you are doing a drill, do it perfect.

Go hard all the time.

Never walk onto a baseball practice field.

As a batter/runner, run to first as though it matters that you are safe.

Know the situation on defense and do the right thing.


Baseball reveals character it doesn't build it.


Character means doing the right thing when nobody's watching.